Tuesday, December 8, 2009


YES, you read that correctly. You can win $1,000 just for working out. Or other great prizes like an i-Pod Touch, Camera or $300.00. It is true they really give out prizes for working out. Pat has actually won $300. I'm still waiting for my day.

Every day that you log in to WOWY SuperGym™ and enter your workout you will be automatically entered in the Daily Sweepstakes. You could win a $300 cash prize or an electronic item such as an iPod, digital camera, or portable DVD player. And one day a week—the Mystery Day—someone will win $1,000.

See it's simple to win. If you don't have a free account all you have to do is go to my page and join for FREE:


The Daily Sweepstakes gives you 365 reasons to keep Pushing Play. Winning cash and prizes just for working out—now, that's motivation!

Beachbody is coming out with some new and exciting contested for 2010. Stay turned for new and fun ways to win!!

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