Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tony Horton's Philly Fit Camp

We have used Tony Horton’s workouts for over 2 ½ year and last weekend we finally meet the man in person. It was an amazing whirl wind weekend of fitness, health and friendship. It is so amazing to be surrounded by people that understand the love of health and fitness.

The weekend started with a seminar on Friday night w/ Tony. Saturday we completed a UCML workout in the morning and Yoga in the afternoon as well as a few more seminars. Then we finished off the night with fitness challenges. I saw some amazing feats of strength and determination. Susan a mother of 3 held the plank position for over 12 minutes. Just shows you what your body can do if you don’t listen to the voice that says “I can’t”.

We finished off Sunday with a morning workout with 3 new 10 Minute Trainer workouts then Tony’s new One-on-One workout Iso-Abs. The weekend went by to fast even with all the painful workouts and we are looking forward to getting to see all of our Beachbody friends again in the near future.

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