Monday, February 8, 2010

Have you Committed?

Four weeks ago I post that I had committed to myself, my fitness and my running. I've officially registered for the VT Marathon on May 30th. I sat down and planned out the next 5 months of training. Now 4 weeks into my training commitment how are things going....

  • I've gotten in all of my schedule runs and many of them there longer than what I originally scheduled

  • I've gotten in all my weight routines

  • I've gotten in all of my weekly yoga routines

  • I've had trouble getting in my extra cardio for the week.... to be honest I've only got it in two of the four weeks

  • I lost 8lbs total in the four weeks...

I've just committed to my workouts and the nutrition followed. There are still big improvements I need to make in my nutrition. There are also new things I need to learn since this is the first I'm I'll be regularly running at least 12 miles on Sundays.

Start with the workouts and the changes will start to happen in your nutrition. You can't fuel your body for intense workouts with junk food. You will start to look for that nutrition that you body needs. So get to the starting line and commit to yourself and your workouts!!! It is good for your body, your health and in turn good for your family.

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