Monday, March 30, 2009

Pat's Transformation Story

Where to begin? Well I was always the skinny guy growing up, until I turned 25. Things changed for me, once our son was born, I felt I needed to support my wife, so I gained 30lbs to make her feel comfortable (I'm being sarcastic of course!). The weight kept creeping up, I went from being about 140lbs to nearly 200 lbs! My uniforms didn't fit me, I was sluggish, irritable and always tired. I was able to get my weight down to around 170 with some diet changes, but I wasn't doing anything to help increase my cardio capacity, plus I was still carrying around all my weight in my belly, the worst place for anyone to carry fat!
Then one day a few months ago I was watching TV and saw the P90X infomercial. I asked Vicky if she wanted to give it a try (she wasn't happy with her health either, but you can read her story on her page), she said sure. We did a little research, like good engineers should and decided we should start with Power90 first, so thats what we did. To say the first week was tough would be an understatement, I was constantly winded, my muscles ached, and body wanted to know what it had done to deserve this! Things started to get easier, the belly started to shrink and the muscles started to grow. Amazing! This thing really works...good diet, supplements, and some exercise can actually pay off. Well we finished P90, Masters, and I made it 2/3 through X before I was forced into a "medical hiatus" in March.
Well I'm finally back! I can't wait to see the new levels I can take my body, mind and fitness too! Just Press Play!

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