Monday, March 15, 2010

Marathon Training Progress...

I made the decision in November of last year after my second half marathon to challenge myself to run my first marathon on 2010. I started my training back on January 11th of this year I started my training for the Vermont City Marathon on May 30, 2010. Right now I can't believe that as of today my first marathon is only 75 days away.

To date my training has been going by with no big events or issues. I have been able to complete all of my runs. Some of them have been on the treadmill to do the crazy New England weather, the dark, or not having someone to watch my son, Mack. I completed a half marathon in February mostly for the reason that it was on the day I had a 13 mile training run scheduled.

Saturday was the first training day that marked a new achievement for me. It was the first time I completed a run over the half marathon 13.1 mile distance. With the help of a running buddy, Al, I was able to check of that goal in style.

My time does not included the time we had to stop at the stop lights around town which was only about 4 or 5 minutes. When we finished the run I had to map the route on more than one site because I couldn't believe that I had covered that distance in that amount of time.

I did make the mistake of not fueling enough before the run and during the run. I did check up with me at about mile 12 but I was able to push through. It's good that I'm learning these lessons before the marathon. Have to figure out how much more to eat and fuel before next Sunday's 16 mile run.

Right now almost every weekend run is going to be the longest I have gone so it is make this very exciting. I can't wait to see how each run is going to go. I'm thinking that I should be actually doing a long slow run as recommend by most training plans rather than a PR pace. Stay tuned for more training updates.


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