Monday, April 20, 2009

Shakeology Week 3

Sorry I'm late with this post; had a very busy week last week. Good thing it was our recovery week for P90X. With week 3 the increased energy continues. Pat and I spent the whole weekend out in the yard getting everything cleaned up. We wheel barreled and spread 10 yrds of mulch, edged all the landscaping beds, cleaned up all the leaves and weeds, thatched the lawn and I still had energy at the end of the day; a little bit sore but still plenty of energy!

As for the weight, this week is another tough week to judge with it being our recovery workouts and not having any intense resistance workouts and plyo.

I am happy to report that the scale was down another 1lb this week making my total for the three weeks 5.2lbs. Besides the dropping numbers on the scale, my body composition is also changing . I have one of those scale that calculate body fat and the number is dropping weekly. I will have a better idea of the changes this Thursday when I take my measurements as we complete day 60 of P90X.

Can't wait to see what week four brings as Pat and I start phase three of P90X. Stay tuned for part 4 on April 24th.

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