Saturday, January 30, 2010

Am I Dedicated or Crazy ?!?!?

My training schedule this week had a 5 mile run today. I got up this morning and checked the weather on and this was the current temperature when I headed out for my run.

Yes you are reading that right. Only 3 degrees Fahrenheit!!!! Was I crazy to go out and run in that temperature? Well I'm sure most of you think that I am. I even thought that I was when I headed out to the running group in my car and it was only 5 degrees when I made it to the meeting point. There was only a group of 4 of us that showed up to brave the weather.

I was still thinking I was a little off my rocker at that point. The minute we started running the cold air hurt my lungs, but after a few minutes I settled in and it wasn't all that bad. I had bundled up with plenty of layers and only my face was cold. It was a hard run in the cold and I have to thank my friend Al for running with me, but when we were done it felt great. At 9am this morning I had finished my 5 mile run and had the rest of the day in front of me.

So was I crazy to go out? No, I'm just a runner dedicated to my training plan. If I didn't have a plan and goal then I probably would have just stayed under the warm covers this morning. Instead I followed my plan and I'm having an extremely productive day. So make your plans and stick to them that is the only way to make it to the finish line.

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