Thursday, May 7, 2009


Been a rainy week up in the Northeast...but looking to clear out for Saturday. Anyways, Vicky and I have been busy with the kitchen and all. We got in our last Shoulders and Arms for this Round of X....we both had the gorilla arm thing going on which is always a nice feeling.

Vicky was even saying how sore she was last night....but that means that she "Brought it"!

Tonight we will be doing some fountain of youth yoga with one Mr. Tony Horton.

Vicky is still loving shakeology and is still getting great results from it...

We ordered the new recovery one on one for this month...will be useful during our two week recovery period after this round of X. Everything we've read says take the two week period for a full recovery before starting another round. So that is the plan....

Round two/three will start after that...going to be getting some fitness rings and bosu to add into the mix for the next round. Can't wait!

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