Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The previews of Insanity show huge puddles of sweat on the floor, people gasping for air, and Shaun T telling the people in the video to take a break...boy does it live up to the preview! Plyometric Cardio Circuit was on tap for us; I burned more calories in a half an hour than I do in the P90X plyo workout that is a full hour.

Pat and I just got Tony's latest One-on-One workout, recovery, and it came with the Insanity Cardio Plyo disk. Very smart move by Beachbody, because after that one workout last night I'm definitely ordering the program this summer when it is released!

For those of you that haven't seen any of the previews of Shaun T's new Insanity workout here is a little sneak peak.

Obviously I like the workout if I plan to purchase it once it comes out, but to be exact I LOVE the workout. All I can say is the hype is true I was dripping in sweat from the warm-up on! Pat and I are on week 12 of P90X and we both had a tough time getting through the workout. It was the first time in a long time that I remember having to pause the video for an extra minute so that I could recover. We had completed Chest Shoulders and Tri's the night before and there was a section of the workout that involved push-ups and my arms were killing me. I burned just over 400 calories in the 42 minutes and Pat burned almost 600. I was happily surprised to find that after the workout my body was sore including my abs.

The workout is staged in a gymnasium and Shaun T is yelling at you and pushing you through every move. This workout was so tough that even some of the participants in the videos take breaks. Made be feel a little better when I wasn't able to hold myself up with my arms anymore.

So in one word I "LOVED" this workout, okay maybe I didn't love it while I was doing it, but I loved how hard it was, how much I sweated, and how many calories I burned.

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