Friday, May 22, 2009

Shakeology Weeks 7 & 8

I'm sitting here drinking my wonderful Shakeology as I write this. You would think after eight weeks of the same shake it would get old or boring. Not for me, I wake up daily craving it and have it for breakfast 90 percent of the time because, I just can't wait until later in the day to have it.

The weight loss has continued for weeks 7 and 8 totaling 2.2 lbs for the two weeks and a total of 9.4lbs for eight weeks. The shake has helped me feel full throughout the morning to the point where I really have to think and remind myself to have a morning snack. I'm also a total chocoholic and the shake being chocolate, has helped to almost eliminate my cravings.

On Mother's Day I got my mother to try one of the chocolate shakes. She loved the flavor and I told her of all the benefits I was having with the shakes, so she ordered a 30 day supply to see how she would like it.

Well I am happy to report after 4 days she is hooked and is already seeing great benefits. As longs as I can remember my mother hasn't been able to sleep well at night. A good night for her is a few hours of sleep. The first night she slept straight through the night and told me that she woke up rested and relaxed. She said "usually in a years time frame she only has one night that she feels like that in the morning". That was just the first day of Shakeology. Here restful nights and relaxed mornings have continued through day four and she said that the restful sleep is worth every penny of the cost of Shakeology!

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