Sunday, May 31, 2009

Elite Rings a kid at Christmas right now! My Elite Fitness Rings ( ) came in this week. If you haven't seen these things check out the website I listed...they add a whole new dimension to your workout (like P90X), especially in pushups, dips, and pullups as they recruit more muscle into the movement. These are similar to what gymnasts use and I know we have all seen the kind of shape those folks are in!

Tony Horton even uses ring training in his sunday workout is a vid of Tony doing "muscle ups" one of the hardest moves on the rings at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica (well and Iron Cross is pretty crazy too!)

Here is my setup in our home gym...bought a 2x6, cut it to span across three floor joists (want to distribute the load), drilled two holes for each joist and put in 5/8x4 lag bolts, drilled holes 19.7" apart for the eye bolts (rates at 1200lbs each...I think they will hold ), bought some real carabiners and then ran the straps for the rings through the carabiners...

Maybe I'll get some video of us using them? This is all part of our "Mix it Up" Round of P90X...

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